Ososim Chief Executive, Jonathan Knight, has just returned from visiting clients and partners in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. This is what he found:

“This was my first trip to south east Asia in eighteen months and more than ever I found an incredible enthusiasm for new and better ways of learning in a region that already leads the world in its drive to improve learning from cradle to grave.

Whether in the larger sessions organised by Ososim partner, People Potential, in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore or in one-on-one meetings throughout the region, I came across a huge interest in the potential of simulations and other technology as a way of increasing engagement and impact.

There is a context of openness to innovation in the region which contrasts strongly to western Europe. The same individuals who in France had been change averse, in Singapore are keen to try something different and better. If this interest translates into action, it will demonstrate how and why Asia will continue to outpace Europe and the US in learning and education, with the inevitable positive impact long term on human and economic performance”.