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Forum on Building Leaders for Tomorrow held in London

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On 16 June 2015 Ososim hosted their latest one-day forum for corporate learning at the lovely venue The Roof Gardens in the heart of London Kensington. Inspirational speakers provided the attendees with thought-provoking input and stimulating opportunities for discussion on the theme of Building Leaders for Tomorrow.

After a welcome from Ososim’s CEO Jonathan Knight, Professor Lynda Gratton opened the day by sharing some of the mega-trends and forces faced by organisations in today’s changing world. Based on her research with the Future of Work Consortium, her latest book publication The Key and ideas explored in work she has done with the World Economic Forum on New Models of Leadership, Lynda identified consequences for organisations and their leaders. These include both an outer-looking focus on the world view requiring informed foresight and broad alliances, and an inner journey of authenticity forged by self-knowledge and crucible experiences.

The day’s weather played along to set a sunny and relaxed atmosphere. During the networking breaks attendees could chat in the beautiful gardens accompanied by flamingos.

The morning sessions continued with Lubna Haq and Rob McPherson of the Hay Group shifting the audience’s attention to catalysing leadership in organisations. Drawing from Hay Group’s extensive experience and research base on human motivation and behavioural drivers, they presented Hay Group’s model of leadership effectiveness and the three key phases of learning.

These insights have been incorporated into the new programme “Your Leadership Experience” that also includes Leadership Live, a bespoke simulation co-developed with Ososim.

A tasty barbecue lunch was served in the courtyard where discussions continued around white-clothed tables as attendees shared their organisational challenges and how the topics resonated with their work realities.

The afternoon kicked off with Khurshed Dehnugara of Relume and Kenneth Hogg of the Scottish Government speaking about flawed but willing leaders facing very real challenges from those they are leading. Attendees heard Kenneth’s experience of being vulnerable and saying sorry to Scottish police officers and administrators. They were then challenged to admit to their own flaws and to speak of the elephant in the room which no one wants to acknowledge. A deep care for yourself and others emerged as an essential element in sustaining resilient leadership.

Following the afternoon coffee break, David Dotlich of Pivot Leadership contributed his extensive insights into developing leaders for the digital age and how to better support people transitioning to leadership positions. He highlighted the importance of personal and organisational purpose in a world full of paradoxes. Once again the pace of change, ambiguity and uncertainty arose as evident themes to be embraced and requiring openness in leaders.

Jason Rabinowitz concluded the day with a thoughtful summary of the major ideas. He provided another opportunity for attendees to express their own learning and exchange thoughts on how to apply their understanding in corporate environments with their peers.

Throughout the day the Twitter feed #tomorrowsleaders shared topic slides and the work of the very talented artist Simon Heath capturing major themes. Thank you to all who contributed their time and energy for this stimulating day.

Blog post by Elisa Alabaster